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Update your Air India Express Ok To Board before flight time

All passengers travelling to UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman and Qatar are requested to have their VISA on ARRIVAL message (otb) updated from an Air India office unless the original Visa is stamped in their passport.

On verification of the visa, the following details will be added in the Reservation PNR – Passport Number and validity, Visa Number and validity, Type of Visa and “otb” remark. The airline would not be responsible, if the same is not reflecting in the PNR and passengers may be denied boarding.

For Visas issued in India

In case the visa has been obtained from an agency / service provider in India, kindly provide PNR, Name, Date of Travel, Sector and other relevant details to your visa issuing agency and ask them to contact the airline for insertion of otb message.

Here is charges of Air India Express Ok To Board

Airline Charges Documents
Air India Express 1100 Visa, passport 1st & last page copy & return Ticket

Air India Express toll free number:

Call the Air India Express airline toll free number and provide PNR, Name, Date of Travel, Sector and other relevant details.
Toll free numbers: 011-49637533

Update Ok To Board for Air India Express with 3 easy process:

1. send your visa copy, passport front and last page copy and return airticket @
2. Make 1100 Rs in our account or secure payment gateway system.
3. after receive the payment, we will update your ok to board message withen 3 to 24 hours.

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Update Your Visa Message for Air India Express before Boarding Your Air India express Flight

Passengers of Air India express with an Indian passport are requested to ensure the insertion of the ‘OK to Board’ message to their PNR record before boarding their flight to Gulf countries with an Air India Express ticket. It is mandatory for passengers for UAE, the Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, and

The charges for the initiation of Air India express ‘OK to Board’ Update is INR 1100. Passengers need to produce either the digital or print copy of their e-visa in one of the reservations offices in India or in any one of the countries listed above.

They need to provide the PNR, and the details of their passport number and its validity to ensure the smooth completion of the process. After the successful completion of the verification of a passenger’s e-visa, the ‘OK to Board’ message will be entered in their PNR record.

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