Visa Types

Dubai Visa types

The various Visa types in UAE are as follows:

• Transit visa
• Tourist visa for 14 days
• Tourist visa for 30 days
• Dubai visa for 90 days ( on confirmed Emirates ticket)
• Dubai visa for 90 days ( on other airlines ticket)

Other Visa Types:

• Entry service permit- it is valid for 14 days from the date of issue and it is good for stay during this duration.
• Tourist visa- valid for 30 days, but you can extend it for 40 days. You would need sponsorship from their tour or hotel operator and prearrangement is required. You need to possess a valid passport as well.
• Visitor visa- valid for 60 days from the date of issue and it is good for a 90-day visit. One would need sponsorship from a resident in UAE, a hotel or a company. One can extend the visa, but it is valid for a single time only.
• Transit visa- valid for 14 hours from the time of issue and holds good for 96 hours. One would need a confirmed hotel reservation.

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