Burj Al Arab

About Burj  al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is a famous hotel and pride of this wonderful city. It is also a separate identity of the city on the base of which the city is just identified. It is also known as third tallest hotel across the globe. It is established on an artificial island located close to Jumeirah. To reach their one needs to cross a private bridge. However, the hotel has only 61% commercial occupancy and rest is not available for leasing purposes.

The shape of the hotel is like a Yacht and designed as a memory of one of the known yachts only. The building is opened in 1999 and is operated by the Jumeirah Group. There are 202 bedroom suites in this hotel. The look and location of the hotel attract a number of guests from all over the world.

It is a known seven star hotel and there is also an underwater restaurant which can be accessed by a submarine. The glass walls of this restaurant are 18 CM thick to withstand the pressure of the water.

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