Apply For UAE Tourist Visa For INDIANS

Get UAE Tourist Visa For Indians

A visa for Dubai is mandatory for Indian nationals to enter and stay in Dubai. At, we help Indian citizens obtain it in a simple and hassle-free way. To help them obtain it, we have a straightforward process with simple steps that are easy to follow. By following it, our clients can obtain all kinds of Dubai visit visas for their hassle-free travel to Dubai from India.

Dubai Visa Fees

9000 INR

Processing Days

3-5 working days

UAE Visa Types

  • Tourist visa
  • Visit visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Business Visa

Online UAE Visa Services

96 Hours
4500INR Tourist Visa
  • All inclusive price
  • Get your visa in 3-4 working days
  • Single entry visa with 96 hours stay
  • Bundied cost with mandatory insurance
14 Days
7800INR Tourist Visa
  • All inclusive price
  • Get your visa in 3-4 working days
  • Single entry visa with 14 days stay
  • Bundied cost with mandatory insurance
30 Days
7800INR Tourist Visa
  • All inclusive price
  • Get your visa in 3-4 working days
  • Single entry visa with 30 days stay
  • Bundied cost with mandatory insurance
60 Days
13500INR Tourist Visa
  • All inclusive price
  • Get your visa in 3-4 working days
  • Single entry visa with 60 days stay
  • Bundied cost with mandatory insurance

Documents Required for UAE Visa Application

Visa Types for Indian Citizens

We Assist Indian Nationals in Obtaining all Kinds of Dubai Visas

48 Hours visa

A 48 hours visa is a transit visa for Indian nationals that allows them to travel to a third country through Dubai. Intended for a single-use, this visa remains valid for 48 hours from the date on which it is issued

96 hours visa

A 96 hours visa is a non-renewable and non-extendable visa for Indian citizens. It helps them travel to their destination through Dubai’s airport. The recipients of the visa can also use it to travel throughout the UAE. A 96 hours visa allows passengers to legally stay in Dubai for 4 days. It remains valid for 30 days from the date on which it is issued.

14 Days visa

A 14 days visa allows Indian nationals to enter Dubai and stay there for 14 days. This visa is intended for a single entry of Indian nationals and remains valid for 60 days. The countdown for this visa’s expiry begins from the date on which it is issued.

30 Days visa

A 30 days visa allows Indian nationals to enter and stay in Dubai for 30 days. It is helpful for those who intend to visit Dubai for a shorter duration (30 days). Intended for a singular entry and exit of Indian nationals, it remains valid for 60 days.

60 days visa

A 60 days visa for single entry enables Indian citizens to stay in Dubai for 60 days from the time of their entry into the city. From the date on which it is issued, the visa remains valid for 58 days. Generally, Indian nationals who have relatives in Dubai apply for a single-entry 60 days visa.

Why Apply Online visa with UAE Dubai Visa


End to End Visa Facilitation


Real Time Visa Updates & Tracking!


Facilitation of Booking Appointment with Embassy


Save Time & Effort by booking online!


Increase chances of Visa Approval with US!


Safety, Security, Confidentiality and Transparency!

FAQs on Dubai Visa Online

Front and last page clear copy of Passport.Passport size Photograph where one must be clearly visible.
It is easy for getting faster response and the best part is you do not need to search any local sponsor in UAE.It is the most easy way to submit the required documents as well as information as one can do it from home also. One does not need to rush for payment to bank as online payment of visa fees is also possible.
You must apply for a visa before 58 days of your travel and there must be minimum seven to ten working days before your travel begins. It is always recommended to apply for a visa in advance of a travel.
Apply for UAE visa online.Use secured payment gateway to make the payment directly from your account.Avail visa in 3-5 working days.
Yes. All passengers, irrespective of age, whoever want to enter the UAE need to have a visa. It applies to infants who travel in the lap of the parents also. Hence all the children andinfants also need to have valid Visa.
Yes, The visa fee for infant is also same as an adult passenger.
Well, to apply for UAE visa, insurance is not mandatory, but it is mandatory to travel with insurance.
Well, The authorities of Dubai do not provide any reason for the rejection of the application. Hence, we cannot provide a specific reason for getting the Dubai visa rejected.
It is a deposit amount by resident of a few countries. The system automatically detects and add the amount depending on the country of residence of the applicant. The security deposit is automatically returned to the applicant once he has left UAE.
The security deposit is refunded immediately once the authorities notifies your departure from the UAE. It takes almost four working days internationally to get the refund.
No, You cannot apply again Visa Application before 6 month.
You can check the same with customer care number +91-9549848555 and get solution for all the queries related to the visa application.

What Our Clients Say


For the global tourists, the land of Dubai is a wonderful destination that can make one stunned with its tall buildings and large clean roads. This one of the leading cities of the world is divided into two parts. There is nothing that this city does not have and hence it is perfectly known as a global tourist hub. There are many tourist spots here, which are promoted by the Dubai Tour and every year different festival celebration here attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

Those who love to enjoy vacation and some quality time at a beautiful place then the city of Dubai is the best option. We can help one get some wonderful memories in this city. For the history lovers there are museums and palaces while for the fun lovers, there are endless theme parks that can offer huge varieties of games. There are beautiful beaches, sand dunes and lots of restaurants that can offer wonderful dinner with excellent memories.

To have a visa for Dubai is also not much difficult anymore as the process is completely online and too simple to follow. One just needs to follow the instructions and in a few minutes the process is done. So Book Dubai Packages and visa and have great fun!

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