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Dubai Mall

About Dubai Mall

The Dubai mall is known as the biggest shopping mall as far as the total area is concerned. There are 1200 shops in the mall that include shops of various items that include electronic items, apparels, jewellery, hotels and restaurants. There are millions of tourists who visit this city also love to visit this mall and hence it is a much famous mall across the world.

This mall is owned by Emaar properties and opened in the year 2008. It is a part of downtown complex and there are many attractions here for the visitors as well as tourists. The Dubai Mall stores include a number of brands and hence during the shopping festival in Dubai, there are lots of people who love to shop here visit the mall.

To visit the mall one needs to have a visa for Dubai, which is now easily possible to avail with the help of online Dubai Visa. It is a place one must visit during the visit to to Dubai.

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